IELTS Writing Part 2 - Problem Solution - Ex1

In the 2nd year of Covid, I feel so lucky when I'm still here with the first shot of vaccine, have good health, and a job that I like. I hope that the pandemic will go away as soon as possible.

But in the meantime, we should spend time practicing our skills such as English skills. Let's take advantage of this duration so that when the pandemic disappears, we get a strong English skillset, be confident to go international.

This is my first IELTS writing part 2 I wrote on my blog, which is a Problem-Solution type. Enjoy it :)))

The older people who need employment have to compete with younger ones. What problems can this create? What are some solution?

It is widely argued that elder people have to compete with young people when it comes to applying for a job. Several problems have resulted from this tendency, and they should be tackled by a number of effective solutions from the governments, policy-makers and companies.

There are two main issues that older people have to face with in a competitive job market. Firstly, it is very difficult for them to find jobs due to their ages. In fact, many companies and factories usually employ people in a certain range of ages, which prevents the older generation from applying for these positions. Secondly, younger adapt more easily to changes in workplaces which is a huge disadvantage for older workers because they are not as flexible as younger ones. This may lead to both physical and mental problems, including depression and anxiety.

In response to the problem, Some measures should be taken by policy-makers and firms to help elder people in society. The first solution is that the government should have policies to assist such individuals in accessing more job opportunities. In particular, it is essential that the authorities raise the working-age in some appropriate sectors, which gives the older generation more chances to earn their living. Another solution is that some companies should recruit a larger proportion of older employees for some positions. If age discrimination is eradicated, those old experienced applicants will be given greater opportunities to land suitable jobs.

In conclusion, there are some negative consequences from this trend and appropriate solutions should be implemented by the governments and firms to tackle these issues.

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Hope that I can keep practicing my English every day, write some posts, and take a higher level after the Covid disaster.

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