Spring Boot Template Project Introduction

Spring Boot Template Project Introduction

Whenever I need to implement a new feature, I typically start by researching available solutions on Google. Then I will experiment with one or more solutions to select the best one.

However, after several months, I might forget how to implement that feature. Consequently, I end up having to revisit internet resources, conduct research once again, and reattempt the implementation.

The above situation is very common, not just for me but also among my friends and colleagues. We waste a lot of time recalling and researching solutions - things could be synthesized in a template project for the next implementation.

So I have developed this project which includes implementations designed to assist both myself and other Spring Boot developers in seamlessly diving into coding. Each commit within the project represents the implementation of a specific technique.

Link: github.com/hieubz/spring-boot-template-proj..

Tech stack: Java 11, Spring Boot 2.7.x

Every time I need to implement a feature in this list, I can search by feature keywords (such as Redis, retry, email,...) to find the corresponding commit, then apply the code of that commit for my feature. No need to search and remember boilerplate code anymore!


We will have basic features here:

or advanced things like:

There are also modules related to Unit Test, Monitoring:

I hope this project helps Spring Boot developers increase their productivity, allowing them to allocate more time to other important activities.

I plan to upgrade to Spring Boot 3 and Java 17 in the near future.

See yaaa!