Spring Boot Based Project Introduction

Spring Boot Based Project Introduction

Each time I need to implement a feature, I often research on Google to find some available solutions. Then I will experiment with one or more solutions to select the best one. After several months, I might forget how to implement that feature. I still need to research again on the internet and try it, before continuing my implementation.

The above situation is very common, not only with me but also with my friends and colleagues. And we waste a lot of time remembering and researching features - things could be synthesized in a based project for the next implementation.

So I created a project which contains common backend features to help me or any other Spring Boot developers can code faster.

Link : github.com/hieubz/spring-boot-based-project

Tech stack : Java 11, Spring Boot 2.7.x

Every time I need to implement a feature in this list, I can search by feature keywords (such as Redis, retry, email,...) to find the corresponding commit, then apply the code of that commit for my feature. No need to search and remember boilerplate code anymore!


We will have basic features here:

or advanced things like:

And there are also modules related to Unit Test, Monitoring:

I hope this project could help Spring Boot developers could increase their productivity and spend their time on other important activities.

I will also upgrade or create a new project for Spring Boot 3.x and Java 17 in the future.

See yaaa!